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DE-DAYS 2023

04. – 06. October 2023

Baysense Coworking, Palma de Mallorca

Web 3.0/4.0
Cooperation & Collaboration
Digital Twins & virtual Tourism
Decentralized Finance & Blockchain

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Heiko Hubertz

Heiko Hubertz:

Heiko Hubertz is the founder of the Bigpoint GmbH, a company ranked among the Top 5 developers and publishers of browser and online games on the planet. His acute entrepreneurial skills have also been placed on display in the past as Hubertz is the founder and CEO of both the AASP GmbH and the Coolspot AG.

Currently he is founder and CEO of Oxolo GmbH, an artificial intelligence company in the synthetic media space.

Trained as a computer scientist, he is seen as a pioneer in the gaming industry and has, as the CEO of Bigpoint, effectively won over players, distribution partners, and international investors such as NBC-Universal/GMT, TA-Partner, Summit.

His entrepreneurial acumen and flair for digital trends have not gone unnoticed on the awards front. For example, he won a prize presented by Red Herring TOP 100 Europe and is also recognized as one of the Top 10 most important Internet Managers in Germany.

He currently serves as a business angel in supporting promising start-ups and Internet projects such as Donut, Code University, Casafari, Factory Berlin, and Hitfox. Heiko Hubertz has residences in Hamburg, Germany and on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Mark Miller:

Mark Miller, entrepreneur and investor, is the founder of M&A-Advisory firm Carlsquare. The firm is not only market leader in Germany but also very international with 160 employees, 21 nationalities at 11 locations throughout Europe and San Francisco. Only Mallorca is missing, but DE-DAYS will change that – at least temporarily.

Selling the business is a topic for every entrepreneur at one time in his life. With the experience of more than 200 transactions Mark Miller will share his experience and provides answers to the key questions such as:

  • When is the right time to sell and can/should I sell my business at all?
  • How are companies valued? How is the purchase price determined?
  • Which process suits my sale: individual process or auction?
  • Which buyer/investor suits me?
  • What makes a good equity story?
  • What are the do's and don'ts in the M&A process?
  • What are the most common deal breakers?
  • Where are the conflicts of interest?
  • What advisors and documents do I need in the process?

The most important parts of the session are the questions and the participants' own experiences. Confidential. Those who have already sold and can share their own experiences are also explicitly invited.

Mark Miller
Gehard Schröder

Gerhard Schröder:

Gerhard Schröder is an expert in sales, marketing, and innovative AR technologies. As the founder of K3, a visual communications company specialising in sales-enhancing VR/AR applications, videos, photos, and graphics, he has a passion for Augmented Reality spanning 15 years, including 7 years focused on Apple's AR solutions. He is a seasoned professional with a background as a Sales Director at LinkedIn and studiVZ, driving product development, promotions, and sales strategies.

Rainer Schuster:

Dr. Rainer Schuster is a visionary leader in the travel and technology industry. He's the CEO and founder of, an international OTA (Online Travel Agency). With a background in computer science and a passion for innovation, Schuster recognized the potential of technology to transform travel. Under his guidance, has become a global platform offering accommodations, airline connections, car rentals, tours, and loyalty rewards. Schuster is also a thought leader who speaks at global tech and travel conferences, emphasizing the role of technology in shaping the future of travel and e-commerce. The company is headquartered in London, Vienna, and Warsaw.

Rainer Schuster
Josef Bergt

Josef Bergt:

Josef Bergt (Prof. Mag. Dr. LL.M. LL.M.) is a distinguished legal professional and economist with extensive expertise in Liechtenstein and European corporate, banking and financial market law and has an profound experience regarding the regulatory framework of financial markets, in particular with regard to sharing economy models and disruptive technologies.

  • Forbes 30 under 30 list maker
  • The Legal 500 recommended lawyer
  • IFLR1000 recognised lawyer (International Financial Law Review)

Josef Bergt is spearheading international law firm Law Firm Bergt & Partners Ltd. headquartered in Vaduz, Liechtenstein which is specialized in:

  • Banking and Financial Market Law
  • Corporate Law, Compliance and Corporate Governance
  • Contract Law & damages litigation
  • IP Law
  • Investor litigation and litigation in connection with white collar crime
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Bernhard Blaha:

Bernhard Blaha serves as the CEO of The People’s SCE.
A serial entrepreneur and pioneer in blockchain and related tech, Bernhard Blaha is now the CEO of The People’s SCE, a Luxembourg-based European Cooperative Society.

Bernhard Blaha has always seen himself right at the intersection between economy and technology. He has found his passion in incorporating existing technologies to make life easier and more enjoyable in an entrepreneurial way. Since founding his very first company at university, that passion has led him to found five companies in total.

As the founder, Bernhard Blaha has made a major contribution to creating legal and fiscal frameworks for Blockchain and iGaming companies, and co-created the Digital Asset Association Austria to improve the establishment of digital assets on the Austrian market.

Bernhard Blaha
Alberto Perez

Alberto Perez:

Alberto Pérez has been a tax advisor since 2011 and joined the firm in September 2023.
His professional profile is that of a general tax advisor with extensive experience in corporate and personal taxation, although he began his career as a specialist in indirect taxation.

After graduating in Economics and Journalism, he took a Master’s degree in Taxation at Centro de Estudios Garrigues (2011) to focus on taxation. Subsequently, he has continued his training by taking a Master’s Degree in Auditing and Higher Accounting at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos I (2021) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) exams.

In addition to Palma, he has worked in Madrid, London and Budapest coordinating teams in various international companies and firms where he has provided advisory services to important clients.

Sandra Kramer-Kowalzik:

Sandra is a multifaceted executive coach, specializing in leadership development and coaching for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams. She is based in Munich and Mallorca.

With a unique background that spans leadership roles in a DAX-listed deep-tech company, a co-entrepreneur in a blockchain startup, a senior consultant in one of the top consulting companies and a psychologist, Sandra brings an unparalleled depth of insight into the complexities of team and organizational dynamics as well as mindset development and growth.

Always looking for the newest developments in neuroscience and technology, Sandra remains at the forefront of trends and methods affecting team effectiveness, coaching and leadership development. She founded Koru Consulting GmbH in 2013.

Sandra Kramer-Kowalzik
Michael Kowalzik

Michael Kowalzik:

Michael Kowalzik, is a serial entrepreneur, having 25 years of managerial, entrepreneurial and consulting experience in the telecommunications, Internet and high-tech sectors.

He is also a Venture Partner for Target Partners. Michael served as CEO of the Tyntec group, which under his leadership grew into a leading global mobile interaction service provider for corporate customers. After leaving Tyntec, Michael advised entrepreneurs on strategy, personnel, finance, marketing and sales. Prior to joining Tyntec, Michael worked three years as an investment manager for venture capital investments at Bertelsmann and at Apollis, a joint venture between McKinsey and General Atlantic Partners. He invested in startups and founded two companies of his own for which he served as CEO.

Dr. Maxine Room CBE:

As a highly experienced, well respected, and motivated education strategic leader, uniquely combines her passions: Education, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Technology. Recognised with a CBE in 2012 for leadership, equality, and diversity. Enterprising and entrepreneurial with national and international recognition.

Dr. Room will be hosting a roundtable discussion themed: Tech Diversity & Beyond: Women Leading the Way. The panel will comprise of women in tech that have broken through the glass ceiling and defied the glass cliff. Whether in a start up or a large corporate some women have have been able to make their way through. She will tackle some of the questions such as: How has she accomplished this? Given the stats of low numbers of women in tech what makes these women different? How does women´s leadership management skills enable rather than disable both their careers and the success of the tech worlds they operate in? What does it mean to be a woman digital employee?

Dr. Maxine Room CBE
Daniel Anwander

Daniel Anwander:

Tax advisor, specialist in international tax law and managing director of Klaiber Consulting

Daniel has been a tax advisor since 2006 in Germany and specialist in international tax law since 2018. He advises on all issues of German and international tax law affecting both Spanish and German resident and non-resident companies and individuals, as well as on transformations and business cooperations (M&A).

He gives lectures and training courses for various organisers, in particular on topics of international tax law. He also publishes regularly in professional journals.

Due to his specialisation as a specialist consultant for international tax law and his strong connection to Spain, he joined the KLAIBER Group in 2020 as a specialist consultant for international tax law and managing director of KLAIBER Consulting SL.

Aitor Torres:

Digital Ecosystem Architect at MINDHEAD

Aitor Torres developed his professional career in business transformation (marketing, sales, and technology); working especially during 12 years for medium-sized companies in Europe and the United States. Passionate about technology and people, he works to be able to combine the interaction between both.

He has participated in incredible projects during his experience. Projects such as the merger of First Choice with TUI Travel, the Adagreed project with funds from Telefónica, or the launch of the Valencian Community’s innovation portal. Also has worked as a Partner of Devmunity, Spain, offering small and medium-sized companies the techniques and tools used by large companies to GROW their businesses. Also in business development at Hypermix, USA, a company specializing in 360o marketing. Among the clients, Google Utah, Solarcity, or Adobe stand out.

Additionally, Aitor has expressed his willingness to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the ever-evolving technological landscape. He has provided valuable guidance in brief 15-20 minute sessions, potentially on a one-on-one basis, a practice he has successfully undertaken at various events he has attended.

Additionally, Aitor supports small and medium-sized enterprises in the ever-evolving technological landscape. He has provided valuable guidance sessions at various events he has attended.

Aitor Torres
Anna Schneider

Anna Schneider:

Anna is a Research and Intelligence Analyst at the Lufthansa Innovation Hub’s Strategic Intelligence Team. Following the credo “trust data, not opinions”, she focuses on not just providing research, but the strategic insights derived from it.

Anna has a professional background in finance, where she worked in analyst roles looking into innovation in financial services and wealth management. Drawing from this background, she transitioned into her current role, where she uses data and insights to decode investment trends within the dynamic Travel and Mobility Tech landscape.

Her expertise extends to the burgeoning world of web3, where she delves into the intricacies of blockchain, NFTs, “metaverse”, immersive technologies, and their utility for the travel industry. Her insightful analyses provide valuable guidance to both industry professionals and enthusiasts eager to navigate this rapidly evolving terrain.

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